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Welcome to Thoughts in Microbiology

Here You can find Lecture Notes of microbiology department 4th year only. After every 3 days I update this website so please have patience on finding latest lecture notes. Whenever you login to this page, keep on the lookout for the modification notice given at the bottom of this page.

I am also including Book Scans on some specific topics in the book scans link, For this purpose I am going to include find books from many resources, for example the central Library, physiology library and the microbiology department's seminar library.

Another link here you will find of interest is of Tests, here we include Objective type questions prepared by students on a paper, the test (completed & answered by a another student) is published here in scanned form.

And finally we have a Past Papers section, this link includes exam papers of previous years. You may even find their answers.

Should we add something more?

Do guide us to improve and if you find any mistakes and errors anywhere do tell me about it through my email address or sign in to the guest book but please do remember that this website is created by student for students.

Last modified on Monday, December 05, 2005